The Sento Cloud


Sento Cloud was designed in mind for those who wish to indulge in that extra level of comfort and luxury.





So how did we achieve premium softness?

We worked closely with our manufacturers to select the highest quality cotton to create an exceptionally soft zero-twist yarn.

The average towel uses yarn that is twisted together like a rope, which results in a rough rope-like feel.

Our zero-twist yarn gets its strength from using the finest long-staple cotton. The fibres are loose, trapping air between creating impossibly soft feel.


Features: Zero-twist yarn, 100% Japanese cotton, high absorbency, quick-drying to eliminate bacteria, durability to withstand multiple uses and washes.





Whether to have a complete set for the whole family, or used as a deluxe hand towel to impress your guests - the new Sento Cloud collection is for all. Our towels are designed to be larger than regular towels for that extra feel of luxury and comfort.

Here at Sento Towels, we have put a lot of love and care into creating superior towels for everyone. Bathe and indulge in our new Sento Cloud to enrich your lives today.


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